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gaining legal access to a motor vehicle

Vehicle Entry Services in Glasgow and Throughout the Local Area

Gain Vehicle Entry in Glasgow

At Christou's Auto Locksmith (Scotland) Ltd, our expert automotive locksmith in Glasgow can help you gain access to your vehicle when your keys are damaged or lost.

We use the latest equipment and technology to recreate a new set of car keys for you, on the spot! We provide a fast, reliable service, covered under a 3-month warranty so, if you have any issues down the line, your back is covered. We serve stranded customers in Glasgow and anywhere within 40 miles of the city.

keys locked in car
happy couple sat in car with car keys

24/7 Emergency Call Out

If you’ve lost your keys or need car key replacement in Glasgow, Christou's Auto Locksmith (Scotland) Ltd is never more than a phone call away. Get in touch on 07587 494194 or send us an email at to find out more and have us along. We’ll get you moving once again.

Emergency Call Out

Key Stuck in the Ignition? Jammed Steering Lock?

Christou's Auto Locksmith (Scotland) Ltd is a highly experienced and skilled auto locksmith and can provide ignition replacement if you are stranded. As skilled auto locksmiths, with specialist tools and equipment we can provide this vital service and cover roadside assistance in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Call us on 07587 494194 to submit your ignition barrel replacement request or send us an email at to find out more. We’ll get you moving once again.

man starting car with ignition key
Ignition Barrel Replacement
lost key on floor

​We can also provide a range of additional services that include:

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Need fast access to your vehicle?
We’re just around the corner with just the service you need. Give Christou's Auto Locksmith (Scotland) Ltd a call, any time, on
07587 494194, for a reliable service, delivered 24/7, with no call-out charges whatsoever!

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